Cocaine’s a helluva drug, he chuckled.

A lot can be said about Rick James but I’d rather talk about Dave Chappelle who confronted and exposed the “sick” enviornment of Hollywood and put the phrase “love vitamin” on pop culture’s map. Link’s below. Anywho I just did something that left an indelible impression on my nostrils I’d rather not share cuz I’m a lady but damn! Now I think of Michael Orr (Sp?) and his words “That’s pretty salty stuff” which leads me back to Sir Rick James or at least he should be knighted by the baby-eating rep… uh… xcuse me Queen of England for being a musical legend. Brick house. Are you kidding me. She’s mighty mighty. Wooooow. Who makes music like that anymore. John Mayer, maybe. A big fat maybe. Guess he was playing in some venue in LA a few burps ago. Not sure why my co-church members liked him. Prolly cuz the song about girls become moms so dads be nice to your kids especially the girl ones lest they turn out f@&$ed up and are like that chick on Nottinghill who’s attracted to cruel men. Man I can relate. Riddle me this: kindness and safety grow dull while excitement  usually comes with disrespect so where’s the sweet spot. It’s in the chuckle. If their chuckle resembles the real Rick James on Chapelle’s spoof… they are a keeper.

Watch “Inside The Actors Studio – Dave Chappelle” on #Vimeo

<a href=””>Chuckle</a&gt;


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