Daily Prompt: Opaque

via Daily Prompt: Opaque

When I see the word opaque I think of that shiny rainbowish stone my mother loves transferred onto someone’s cheek by hollywood trickery and playing a surprising, subtle beauty in the movie Shut In. She is so undefinable you could plug her in anywhere and she’d fit. Try King Kong’s paw for a second film she was in. She is so forgettable and mill like. Reminds me of J Lo. Not of Madonna. Opal is the name of the stone. The actresses name still eludes me. I will pretend I am in a charming era before google and admit my forgetfulness. I will relish in my humanity and embrace mystery once again. I will ask a human being if THEY know that actress and perhaps it will spark a nice little convo over chai tea, who knows. Oh god it’s killing me! What is her name?! It’s right on the tip of my marine iguana’s tail! Ugh! Well its raining here- another opportunity for me to say “opaque” cuz any street with oil on it is gonna shine up like a Dawson on a Titanic. And what the heck is with character names like Rose anyway? Same as in Moonstruck. Symbolizing grounded beauty? I do enjoy Kate Winslet in the movie Holiday.. her vulnerable patheticism is palatable through the screen as an unrequeted love giver. I can sooooo relate. Wish my life were more opaque. Eliminating jackasses is a start to a new adventure. Let my opaque steed carry me into battle like Elizabeth and her badass long red braids. What a freakin awesone stunning portrayel of female authority in the name’sake movie. Joan of Arc meets Tea Time with Spanish pride so blind it scares me how capable we frail beings are towards self deception… not opaque.. not ok. I notice I take heed now with increased freq since I’ve discovered self thus more. To see my faults first and hopefully your’s further ashore. If that’s not an opaque heart, honey I don’t know what is..



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